Admission regulations

Admission requirements

As a rule, only pupils of compulsory schooling at secondary level I («Sekundarstufe I») are accepted. The following conditions must also be met for admission:

  • Proven, high level of performance and great recognizable development potential in the talent area (talent card, IR squad, selection etc.)
  • High level of motivation and willingness to perform
  • Recognized talent partner, extracurricular commitment of at least 10 hours of training/week
  • Participation in admission interview

Selection criteria

The following factors are taken into account for the admission decision

  • Performance level in the talent area
  • Admission interview
  • Extent and quality of extracurricular commitment
  • Amount of time required for the travel routes

Decision by the admissions committee

The Admissions Committee makes the final decision on admission. There is no legal claim or right of appeal. An expert from the talent area is normally consulted for the final assessment.

Cost approval for external talent students

External talented students are only definitively accepted once the school authority has approved the costs. Adolescents from the Höfe and March districts do not require a cost approval. Adolescents from other districts of the canton of Schwyz require a cost approval from the district of residence (Regional School Fee Agreement, RSG, 1.8.2012). Adolescents from outside the canton require a cost approval from the respective education department of the canton of residence and/or the municipality of residence.