talent ausserschwyz

talent ausserschwyz offers young people who are talented in sports, music or art the opportunity to successfully combine their talent and school. It is one of the schools with specifically structured programs for the gifted (link).

Free of charge, Schwyz quality included!

As a service of the Schwyz public school («Schwyzer Volksschule»), talent ausserschwyz is free of charge. The learning objectives correspond to the cantonal curriculum and are based on the requirements of secondary school level II («Sekundarstufe II», Kantonsschule Ausserschwyz) and basic vocational training (apprenticeships, «Berufslehren»), including vocational secondary school («Berufsmittelschule»). The Swiss Olympic guidelines are adhered to.

Joint management

Sek eins höfe and Sek 1 March run talent ausserschwyz jointly.
The teachers who teach at talent ausserschwyz have many years of professional experience at secondary level l. They are highly qualified and show an understanding of the situation of the talented students, who they support individually on their learning path, in some cases regardless of location on electronic learning platforms (organization chart).


Adrian Reinhard

Adrian Reinhard
Sek eins Höfe
Weidstrasse 20
8808 Pfäffikon SZ
055 415 75 01

Fredy Tischhauser

Fredy Tischhauser
Sek 1 March
Kantonsstrasse 67a
8863 Buttikon
055 451 22 18

Success as a reward for close cooperation

Close cooperation between all those involved is the cornerstone of success: the talent partners select the talents, talent ausserschwyz offers optimal school support. The talent ausserschwyz coordinators regularly communicate with those responsible for the talent area (art, music and sports teachers), the talents and their parents. In this way, it is possible to respond better to stresses and strains by mutual consultation and to provide optimal support for the talents’ progress.

Commitment and independence as a prerequisite

talent ausserschwyz - anyone who wants to succeed here must show commitment and a high degree of independence.

Focus on the essentials

Concentrating on the "talent" focus requires a focus in the school curriculum. The content of the curriculum is fully guaranteed in the main subjects. The basic requirements of the curriculum apply in the subjects of history/geography and sport. The areas of life skills, visual arts, technical design and home economics are greatly reduced and minimally covered by project days. The learning objectives will be adapted in the reduced areas. In total, lessons will take place over 24-27 lessons per week, i.e. 8-11 lessons less than usual. This is in line with Swiss Olympic requirements.

Flexible timetables and specific support

The timetables take into account the specific training times of the various talents as far as possible. Attention is also paid to the travel time of the adolescents.

The talents attend learning studios («Lernatelier») for four to seven lessons, in which two German lessons and two math lessons take place. During this time, the pupils generally work on the planned material independently, but are supervised and coached by teachers. Before or after longer absences due to training camps or competitions etc., further «Lernateliers» or supervised homework lessons can be attended to catch up on the subject matter.