The concept describes the organization of talent ausserschwyz. Based on the legal foundations and the mandate as part of the Schwyz secondary level I, the admission requirements, the admission procedure, the forms of teaching and the cooperation with parents and talent partners are described.

Concept of talent ausserschwyz


talent ausserschwyz has a specifically structured program for talented students.

Intercantonal agreement for schools with specific structured programs for talented students

Intercantonal agreement EDK

Appendix for the 2023/2024 school year


Sports parents

Talented young athletes who, in addition to school, undertake extensive training and take part in many competitions are dependent on additional support and understanding from those around them. Their parents play a decisive role in this and take on organizational, logistical, communicative and financial tasks.
The Sports Department of the Canton of Zurich has therefore launched the "sporteltern.zh" project. This has resulted in the "Toolbox for sports parents" with fact sheets on various topics.
Link to the toolbox